July 23, 2017

TravelCar acquires TripnDrive and its 50,000 customer base

A few months after reaching Carnomise and a few hours from its launch in the United States, TravelCar swallows its competitor TripnDrive and strengthens its network through partnerships with hotels and car park operators.

TravelCar gets its hands on one of its competitors. A few weeks after raising 15 million euros , the startup buys TripnDrive and integrates its 8 employees to its teams. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed. This allows this car-sharing specialist to broaden his field of action thanks to the partnerships that TripnDrive has established with hotels and car park operators. ” The Tripndrive team has set up a network that is very complementary to ours,” explains Lofti Louez, co-founder of TravelCar (…)  By offering TripnDrive employees to join us, we rely on their knowledge of the sector and their know-how to Extend the car-sharing adventure and make TravelCar a world champion . “

Thanks to this acquisition, the second after having bought Carnomise in November 2015, TravelCar now has 350,000 users and a network of 200 branches in 13 European countries[..]

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