July 27, 2017

The real fight between Uber and Google over what ‘may be the most lucrative business in history’ is starting

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick with Anthony Levandowski, the former head of its self-driving vehicle division Associated Press

"This is not your garden variety trade secrets case. This is a case that involves what potentially may be the most lucrative business in history, and Google is trying to keep its main competitor on the sidelines."

The lines from one of Uber’s court filings are more than mere hyperbole. Two of the largest companies in the self-driving-car sector have been mud-slinging for weeks since Waymo, a recent spin-out of Google, sued Uber in February.

On Wednesday, the technology giants will finally face off in court over Waymo’s bid to stop Uber’s self-driving car research in its tracks.

Uber has sought to frame the development of this technology as "existential" to the future of its ride-hailing business. A court order forcing it to stop its research could derail its efforts to catch-up to the progress that other companies have made , Uber insists.

At Wednesday’s hearing, each side will for the first time lay out its case in front of Judge William Alsup, a federal judge famous for learning the Java computer language while he presided over the Oracle v. Google case a few years ago.There […]

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