June 28, 2017

The law has to adapt to the Uber/Deliveroo age

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If working is going to be more flexible, employment law will have to follow suit The recent exercise by Deliveroo in promulgating Newspeak, perhaps better known as its attempt to tie itself up in semantic knots by avoiding any talk of its workers as actually being workers, unsurprisingly exposed the delivery firm to scorn and ridicule.

Yet as the world adapts to the advent of the automated age, and the effects of the accompanying digital revolution, industrial relations may be well set to evolve along similar lines, where flexibility on both sides is a prized characteristic of industrial relations. If that’s so, then the law needs to evolve its approach and become just as flexible.

Back in 2014, PriceWaterhouseCoopers released its Three Worlds model of what employment might look like come 2022. Sprinkled in between the corporate dystopia of the Blue World, where people are effectively joined at the hip to the company they work at from birth to death, and the highly regulated Green World, in which a social backlash against corporations has led to a global imposition of potentially onerous if well-intended regulations, the Orange World seems to be a more realistic bet.

In the Orange World, specialised workers maximise […]

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