July 22, 2017

The Fascinating Travails of Uber and Etsy

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I’m following two stories that promise to get better and better. One is about a relatively tiny company that sold its shares to the public. The other is about a relatively huge company that hasn’t. Neither is doing particularly well. Both are quite interesting.

The first company is Etsy, the Brooklyn marketplace for arts and crafts products and other knickknacks. I first wrote about it about 18 months ago when Etsy’s (etsy, +15.01%) then CEO Chad Dickerson visited me in San Francisco. In “Etsy: The Little Marketplace That Could,” I explained how the small company was a minnow in Ebay’s (ebay, +0.32%) world and was trying to persevere anyway.

The second company is Uber. You may have noticed it has been in the news a lot. On Monday, a federal judge issued an order in the ongoing litigation between Uber and Alphabet’s (GOOGL, +0.47%) Waymo, which alleges trade-theft-related fraud by Uber and one of its key hires, the former Google engineer Anthony Levandwoski. Waymo has accused him of pilfering its sensor technology, called LiDAR.

To me, the most fascinating part of Judge William Alsup’s order, which […]

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