July 20, 2017

The Airbnb listings generating much more than pocket money. These are the listings making a motza

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Luxury Homeowners Now Airbnb Hosts FAR from merely earning owners a bit of extra pocket money, Airbnb properties are generating tens of thousands of dollars for savvy Aussie homeowners with a spare room or couch.

Despite a recent report commissioned by Airbnb showing the average income for Australian hosts was under $5000, detailed analysis by Airdna showed the estimated revenue for a spare room in Sydney was $18,472 in the year to March.

In Melbourne it was $16,115, in Brisbane it was $12,172, in Perth it was $11,604, in Darwin it was $10,258 and on the Gold Coast it was $9088.

For properties with four bedrooms or more, average annual earnings were $107,607 in Sydney, $86,705 in Melbourne, $72,792 on the Gold Coast and $63,945 in Brisbane.

Even an “Ikea sofa bed” in an apartment between the CBD and Sydney Airport earned the owners $7276 in the 12-months to March, and an “amazing lounge room” in Melbourne returned $9592. Australia’s best performing Airbnb property is a five-bedroom Palm Beach house, owned by Lynne Champion. Picture: Adam Yip According to the data, Australia’s most lucrative Airbnb listing for the year, was a five-bedroom house at Palm Beach in Sydney, estimated to earn owner Lynne […]

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