July 20, 2017

Teladoc CMO Dr. Henry DePhillips talks telebehavioral health at ATA (Q&A)

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Teladoc CMO Dr. Henry DePhillips At this year’s ATA conference, MedCity News sat down with Teladoc Chief Medical Officer Dr. Henry DePhillips, who discussed telebehavioral health services, telehealth utilization and protecting patient privacy.

This exchange has been lightly edited.

Teladoc isn’t the only telehealth company branching into behavioral health. What sets Teladoc apart from competitors like American Well and MDLive?

There are two differentiators for Teladoc. We entered the behavioral space with 14 years of experience in telehealth. We’re already a 50 state company with thousands of clients and millions of visits.

The second differentiator is that we took a little longer to get to market because we built a complete, comprehensive end-to-end platform. We have industry standard tools that measure your goals. We can demonstrate outcomes, and if progress isn’t being made, we alter course.

There’s a warmth factor in face-to-face interaction, which is especially important in behavioral health. Do you find a difference between how patients react to telehealth for primary care versus telehealth for behavioral health? With our behavioral health program, as with our other programs, we offer a choice of modalities for how to interact with the psychiatrist or the therapist. We have a world-class […]

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