July 21, 2017

Students: cometh the hour, cometh the app…

Just Eat new logo unveiled in September of 2016
By Just Eat (Just Eat) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re a student and you’re yet to order using the Just Eat app, you’re in luck.

As from May 5-11 , from 6-9pm , it’s ‘Hungry Hour’ on the Just Eat app. To you, that means 25% off your first order , just in time for those pesky exams. You’re welcome.

Who can enter Hungry Hour on the Just Eat app? Students only, so you’ll have to use .ac.uk or .edu email address when signing up

New customers only, so you’ll have to have never ordered with us before

App users only, as the 25% off voucher code isn’t available on the website

If you tick all those boxes, you’re in. What are those times and dates again? In order to get a whopping 25% off your first Just Eat app order, you’ll need to fall into the above criteria and order during the follow period: Between May 5 and May 11 Between 6pm and 9pm Read the full terms and conditions here . And remember, if you’ve already ordered using the Just Eat app, but have friends who haven’t; spread the word, then get them to spread the love. Sharing is caring (especially when it costs 25% less). […]

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