June 22, 2017

Some Uber fares are drunk or ‘up to no good.’ Drivers share stories–then a body is found

UBER partners waiting to be entertained at Kuala Lumpur Partners' Service Centre. UBER is a rideshare facility where users can earn money by becoming a driver.
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What would you do if a drunk passenger in your car grabbed the steering wheel? Or started snorting cocaine? Or asked you to wait while he urinated against a wall?

Charlotte Uber drivers say they regularly face situations like those. And as police searched for a missing driver whose SUV was found in Maryland, his peers were wondering whether the extra cash from ferrying strangers around town is worth their lives.

Their jobs as drivers took an even darker tone Thursday when police found a body believed to be that of 44-year-old Marlo Johnis Medina-Chevez, who had taken a job as an Uber driver to earn extra money for a family vacation. He left his Charlotte home Saturday night to pick up a passenger, expecting to be gone only an hour or two. He never returned. […]

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