July 27, 2017

Self-taught programmer now leads $700-million startup

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Image: Website/DoorDash How do you make it from banking to heading a team in a start-up worth $700 million? For Jessica Lachs, it was learning coding on her own—something totally new after a Wall Street career and going to business school.

According to Business Insider, she was initially with Lehman Brothers, but was forced to leave when the company filed for bankruptcy. She then entered University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School where she took an MBA, hoping it would help her figure out what she wanted to do. However, she admitted feeling uncertain even when she had to create her own business for a class. Jessica Lachs, head of business operations and analytics at DoorDash. Image: Website/DoorDash “It’s really easy to tell the story and say ‘Oh, I went to business school to figure out what I wanted to do.’ But to actually live through that and not know what I wanted to do and not know where I was going to be was a pretty scary thing,” she shared.

The business was GiftSimple, a concept that allows friends and family to chip in for a pricey gift. But this wouldn’t be a permanent job for her, and eventually she started looking […]

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