July 22, 2017

Safety issues: Uber and Ola need to plug tech loopholes

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The Ola molestation case in Bengaluru that came to light earlier this week has opened a can of worms for the company. It clearly shows how despite the sophisticated software in place that can track riders’ whereabouts, several incidents over the years have highlighted a number of loopholes.

Proxy drivers

After horrific incident when 25-year-old woman was raped and sexually assaulted by an Uber driver Shiv Kumar Yadav in national capital, measures were taken to spruce up security. One such was adding layers of security verification processes including criminal background check.

Once verified, the driver is registered with a taxi aggregator and you know the details including photo of the registered driver. Now, the processes go down the drain when the driver coming to pick you up isn’t the one who is registered.

The recent Bengaluru incident wherein the passenger had to hide in a hospital at 2AM to escape sexual assault by an Ola driver has led to shocking revelations. The driver who assaulted the woman in Bengaluru is a proxy who impersonated the former driver by using his ID, and police verification documents. So, next time you take a trip, check the photo of the driver and then […]

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