May 25, 2017

Raleigh task force votes on Airbnb regulation

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Rob Bucklin was one of several people holding up yellow signs and wearing yellow badges that urged members of a task force in room 303 of city hall to vote for “Option B.”

The Short Term Rental Task Force, chosen by the Raleigh City Council, met for the 10th time to lay out two options, A and B.

– Option A allows people to rent out rooms or their home while they are away on services such as Airbnb, as long as they have a permit from the city to do so. It would also allow people to rent out investment properties in areas zoned as mixed-use, not residential.

– Option B allows the same permitting process for rooms and homes, but it would allow people to continue renting out investment properties in residential areas for one year, while city leaders collect more information.”Get data, hear from neighbors next to short-term rentals and just ask is this something that is working in your neighborhood, are you having problems,” said Brent Woodcox, co-chair of the task force. “That we can help the good actors be separated […]

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