July 27, 2017

Port Townsend council OKs short-term rental changes, with final approval to be considered next week

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PORT TOWNSEND — The Port Townsend City Council approved on a first reading a city ordinance that changes parts of the city code regarding short-term rentals, specifically bed-and-breakfasts and tourist homes.

The changes don’t apply to hotels or motels.

A number of amendments were made to the ordinance during Monday’s meeting. The council also voted to keep the public record open so written testimony and public comment are still accepted on this issue.

Amendments to the ordinance will be posted before the second reading — when the council can give its final approval — which is scheduled for the next council meeting at 540 Water St. at 6:30 p.m. this coming Monday.

The new ordinance changes some of the language around short-term rentals. For one, short-term rentals will now replace what was referred to as transient accommodations in the current city code.

Short-term rentals refer to rooms rented for less than 30 days.The ordinance also changes the definition of tourist homes.“We narrowed the definition to state a tourist home is the primary residence of the owner and which offers no more than two rooms to transient guests,” said Lance Bailey, director of development services.Councilman David Faber asked for an amendment specifying that both tourist […]

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