July 23, 2017

Popular Startup Causing Rift Between Consumers and Restaurants

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Image Courtesy of DoorDash

Barbara Rowe has owned Mulberry Street Pizzeria in San Rafael for 30 years. She made a decision back then that she wouldn’t offer delivery of their award-winning pizza – it’s dine in or take out only.

“Our business model is that we believe our food is best when it’s fresh,” said Rowe.

Rowe became suspicious a few months back when a confused customer came in to pick up a to-go order.

“This guy came in and had no idea what food he was picking up, had no idea who the food was for,” Rowe said.

He wasn’t a customer after all. He was with the restaurant delivery service DoorDash — picking up an order for a customer who’d ordered Mulberry Pizza through the Door Dash website. For Rowe, this was a problem.

“We never authorized anything like that,” Rowe said.Rowe says DoorDash posted the Mulberry Pizza logo on the DoorDash website, giving customers the impression the two companies were partners. But they’re not.Rowe called DoorDash and demanded it remove Mulberry Pizza from its site. It did. But a few weeks later, Rowe says it was right back up.“This is extremely frustrating to go up against these guys,” said Rowe. “They seem not to care.”The […]

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