July 23, 2017

Poll: Mankato should regulate Uber, Lyft, non-licensed driving companies

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The Free Press Area readers think the city of Mankato should pass some form of regulations to ensure drivers with Uber, Lyft and other non-licensed driving services meet the same standards as taxi companies, according to a Free Press online poll.

Out of 366 total votes, 224 respondents — about 61 percent — supported regulations. Only 142 were opposed to the city enacting new regulations.

The city of Mankato is looking into complaints from traditional taxi companies that say new services like Lyft, Uber and even some limousine companies have used unfair tactics and caused safety concerns.

More driving services have come into the area since the Mankato City Council lifted its licensing cap on taxi companies last year to meet demand for more transportation. Uber and Lyft began serving the area last winter, but complaints soon followed.

City officials plan to meet with current providers and recommend solutions to the city, which could include new regulations. City Manager Pat Hentges recommended Rochester’s regulations as a good example to keep things fair between driving services. Rochester requires Uber, Lyft or a similar service to be licensed, pay an annual fee, demonstrate it has adequate liability insurance and verify its drivers are properly insured, […]

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