July 20, 2017

Planning your vacation? Airbnb plays tour guide with its updated For You tab

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Don’t know what to do now that you’ve arrived on your dream vacation? Airbnb can help with the new For You tab.

Finding suitable lodgings may be the hardest part of traveling, but deciding how to make the most of your time on vacation can be a challenge, too. Now, you can solve both problems with a single solution by way of Airbnb. Earlier this week, the vacation rentals site announced a redesign to the online Airbnb experience, including a new For You tab , which promises to offer “a personalized doorway to discover homes to stay in and things to do — all in one place when you first open up the app or hop on the website.”

Now, the For You tab has become more intelligent and more personalized to your specific vacation needs. Whereas the recommendations tool previously provided suggestions based on travelers’ locations, it now integrates where travelers are in their planning process. For example, if you know that you’ll be visiting Crete at the end of the summer, you can figure out what activities are in peak season, and what spontaneous excursions you might embark upon when you’re there.

For You has gone live for travelers searching […]

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