May 25, 2017

People are buying Deliveroo couriers’ jackets for fashion because they look ‘wavey’

Wavey. Deliveroo LONDON — There’s an unusual new cult fashion item in town: Deliveroo jackets.

The visually striking uniforms worn by couriers for the London food delivery company have quietly developed a reputation in some circles as a niche fashion item, and are being traded online on streetwear forums.

If you’ve been in London — or any other city Deliveroo operates in — in the last six or so months, you’ve probably seen the jackets on the backs of bike couriers. Unlike UberEats’ dark uniform, Deliveroo’s is highly distinctive — a trademark teal, with a reflective slanted upper.

By day, it’s bold and colourful. By night, its upper gleams, brightly reflecting streetlights and car headlamps. It’s a combination that’s making waves among some alternative enthusiasts. Wavey Garms is a British Facebook page with 70,000 members dedicated to selling both new and vintage streetwear, and Deliveroo jackets now pop up on the page with increasing frequency. A ‘wavey’ Deliveroo jacket for sale on online store Depop. BI ‘It looks pretty sick’

"I’ve been to a few legal and illegal raves and I’ve seen people wear the jacket so thought as others were selling it on the page I may as well try," […]

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