June 25, 2017

On the frontline of the gig economy

Gig Economy concept background
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The gig economy is liberating millions of workers around the globe from the shackles of traditional, rigid shift-based working conditions. Drivers for Uber , hosts for Air BnB and deliverers for Favor get to choose when, where and how they work. This pioneering generation of workers in the digital age are the first to exercise autonomy of their work schedule.

So if you still think the “flexi-time” your employer offers makes your office hip, you may need to re-examine your understanding of hip.

“Flexi-time” is the MySpace of modern labour scheduling.

Welcome to the gig economy – where even the lowliest of worker is master of their own destiny. At least in terms of time.

The gig economy business model – which has created giants like Air BnB and Uber – is predicated upon significant advancements in ubiquitous technologies such as GPS, real-time communication platforms and cloud-based data storage – all of which can be accessed on the supercomputers in our pockets which we still […]

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