July 23, 2017

On-demand services, so I don’t have to

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Last week, a mysterious bottle of chili lime hot sauce appeared on my co-worker’s desk. It was clear we needed fried chicken to go with it, he said. Too bad there isn’t any good fried chicken nearby, he moaned.

As if that mattered.

Within minutes I had pulled up a handful of on-demand delivery apps in San Francisco that would drive delicious breaded poultry parts right to my office: Postmates , Grubhub , Seamless , UberEats and DoorDash . You can get takeout from a heap of restaurants. You must be thinking, “Congratulations, Rebecca. You just solved a first world problem by throwing a little money at it.” And you’re not wrong. But on-demand services aren’t just solving my personal, trivial problems.

They’re giving urbanites time, flexibility and choice. Heck, some of these services can even save you money (more on that later).

For parents, farming out the midweek trip to the store might mean an extra hour playing with the kids. Or maybe it’s the difference between going on that jog, or bonding with your honey in front of Netflix — or not.

On-demand services have evolved past food delivery and need-it-now cabs. Investors are pouring serious money into these apps, hoping to […]

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