July 27, 2017

Objecting to sexual harassment got me fired, says ex-Uber employee

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A former Uber employee claimed he was fired last year after sticking up for female colleagues facing sexual harassment, according to a formal complaint that has not previously been made public.

Female co-workers sought his help with “sex-based discrimination and harassment they were suffering at the hands of a male supervisor,” his September complaint to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing states. The department released the complaint in response to a public records request by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, but blacked out his name.

The former employee stated that he raised the issue with Uber’s HR department several times, but the department didn’t investigate the allegations. Instead, he said he was told : “We get a lot of phone calls from employees that we don’t always act on.”

Shortly afterward, he was “subjected to a retaliatory investigation” and fired in March 2016, his complaint says.

The California anti-discrimination agency gave the former employee permission to file a private lawsuit . San Francisco labor attorney John Mullan, who represents the man, declined to comment.

Uber did not respond to Reveal’s requests for comment.The complaint adds grist to a controversy over sexual harassment at Uber that has been tearing at the […]

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