July 23, 2017

New York’s Housecleaners Become Collateral Damage in Airbnb Crackdown

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It was only supposed to be temporary.

That’s how Joanna Rodriguez, 26, viewed the Bronx shelter she and her two young children moved into last year: as a way station where she could get her act together after fleeing an abusive boyfriend. Determined to leave as soon as possible, she took whatever jobs came her way: A cashier at Popeye’s, a delivery person for Google . None paid enough.

And then she heard about a position with Cooperative Cleaning , a worker-owned company focused on hiring women, most of whom are African-American or Latina, that was developing a pilot program with Airbnb. Rodriguez could earn $15 an hour, with a guaranteed 30 hours of work a week, plus benefits to help clean Airbnb apartments for New York City hosts.

With this gig, Rodriguez would soon become part of the unsung collateral of the October, 2016 state ruling against Airbnb, which carries fines of $1,000 to $7,500 simply for advertising your apartment online.

Since 2010, it has been illegal to rent your apartment for fewer than 30 days in what’s called a “class-A multiple dwelling” apartment, a building with three or more units. It’s OK to rent out a room or couch in your […]

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