July 27, 2017

Meet the world’s hottest Uber driver who says passengers ENJOY getting stuck in traffic jams with her

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A CABBIE dubbed the world’s hottest Uber driver says passengers are so dazzled by her beauty they don’t mind getting stuck in traffic with her.

Joyce Tadeo, 27, from Manila in the Philippines, had been working as a medical rep at a pharmaceutical company but became tired of the rat race. Joyce Tadeo, 27, has been called the world’s hottest Uber driver She says some of her passengers book a ride hoping to see her She grew tired of life as a rep for a pharmaceutical company and decided to try being an Uber driver She has been inundated with requests for dates but has refused because of Uber’s strict rules The psychology graduate opted for a career change and began working as taxi driver eight months ago while studying dressmaking part-time.

Passengers were impressed by Joyce in the male-dominated industry and began sharing pictures of her driving which went viral.

She has now been dubbed the world’s hottest Uber driver and punters are desperate to hitch a ride with Joyce when they request a driver.

Joyce, who works 12 hours a day, said: “Passengers normally have a man who picks them up. When I arrive they’re quite shocked.

“I love the attention and […]

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