July 23, 2017

Just Eat marketing chief: tech is key for our competitive edge

Just Eat new logo unveiled in September of 2016
By Just Eat (Just Eat) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Barnaby Dawe: global chief marketing officer at Just Eat Get people’s buy-in from the start

As a leader, you can’t make people follow you. They have to want to come on your journey with you. Establishing a bold vision is a great thing but the vision needs to be owned by everyone in the team and the wider company for it to be a success.

My transition from Sky to Heart was tricky. Sky’s culture was very much “command and control”, so everyone was expected to get on with it.

I arrived at Heart and set out a new vision to take the brand from challenger to leader and assumed everyone would follow. However, after a few weeks, my chief executive took me to one side and suggested that I ask the team what they thought before striding ahead. It never occurred to me that they wouldn’t share my vision.

So I held sessions with key stakeholders and asked the question rather than told them the answer. Before long, people were “on the bus” and we went on to drive Heart to become the number one radio network.

I learned how to flex my style depending on the type of culture I found […]

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