July 27, 2017

Juno Drivers ‘Gett’ Only Pennies Following $200M Acquisition

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When Cory Savary signed up to drive for ridesharing upstart Juno, the staff gave him an Android phone to use as he made his way around New York City. “Basically, they tell you they don’t have an advertising budget,” he explained in a phone call with the Observer. Juno recruited the best drivers from Uber and Lyft, and the company had no desire for them to quit doing so, at least at first. The company told him to mount the phone in his car, and if people asked him about it, he should give them the pitch.

“We were going to tell their story, that they were listening to the grievances of Uber drivers,” he said. They also sold him on the idea that driving would earn him a stake in the company. So when Juno’s ridesharing app first started picking up customers, he did as much driving for Juno as he could because he wanted to earn that stake.

“I wasn’t thinking I would retire on these shares,” he said. Today, he learned that Juno is selling to Gett and he can earn $100 for his old shares, if he signs up with the newly merged company.

Ridesharing do-gooder Juno launched […]

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