July 27, 2017

It’s Time to Kick Uber to the Curb

Photo of LG Smartphone with UBER logotype on the screen
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With every dollar we spend, we’re essentially voting for the companies and products we want to succeed. Mix this attitude with activism, and we have the power to affect change across entire industries; the #DeleteUber movement is a prime example.

But boycotts come and go. It’s common for a company to suffer a small dip in sales immediately following public outrage only to see them rise again months later. It happens — we forget the reason behind our indignation, we’re busy and need the most convenient option, we’re inundated with information , we want the cheapest fare, and our resolution slips.

If you’ve thought about deleting the Uber app from your phone but haven’t followed through because you’ve forgotten what all the fuss is about or can’t imagine life without the ride-sharing service, continue reading. The list that follows is not only a reminder of the reasons you should kick Uber to the curb, but also a lineup of the worthy alternatives that will get you from here to there. Top-down misogyny is not your thing.

On Feb. 19, 2017, Susan Fowler’s scorched-earth exposé blew the lid off Uber’s misogynistic culture to reveal an unhealthy working environment where unwanted sexual advances […]

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