June 28, 2017

It would take the city 43 years to investigate all potentially illegal Airbnb listings

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While the state’s updated anti- Airbnb bill has now been in effect for three months, the city has issued fines on just 139 illegal listings , out of the nearly 24,000 that reportedly need to be investigated. The recently enacted legislation builds on the state’s 2010 law that makes it illegal to rent out an apartment for less than 30 days without the owner present. The new law goes further by making it illegal to advertise these short-term rentals through websites like Airbnb. As Crain’s explains, based on the number of listings on the company’s website, it would take the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement nearly 43 years to investigate all of them. Data released from Airbnb showed 23,689 potential illegal listings as of April, although a number of these could be for stays in single-family homes or other units that are exempt from fines. And this week, the first hosts to be fined for illegal listings under the new law paid the city $1,000 each, as reported by the Daily News . One woman, Yelena Yelagina was fined for renting out her Trump Tower apartment while President Trump resided there between his election and inauguration. The $300- $450-per-night […]

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