July 27, 2017

Is your taxi ride from the airport in Israel about to ‘Gett’ cheaper?

Gett Driver Details Screen
Image Courtesy of Gett

A joint bid by Gett (formerly GetTaxi) app and Hadar Taxi has won the tender for taxi services to Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, thereby ending Hadar’s monopoly on the airport routes. Taxi traffic from the airport totals 1,100,000 rides a year.

Starting on May 30, 2017, travelers landing at Ben Gurion Airport will be able to order taxis using the Gett app from the airport, and will not have to order the taxi before takeoff, as they had been forced to do by the monopoly. The bid by Hadar and Gett is 31% less than the consumer fee rate established in the Commodities and Services Price Control Ordinance set by the Ministry of Transport, whether the fee is determined by taxi meter or by special journey according to the rate list. The companies will be obligated to publish the new lower prices, which will now be anchored in the ordinance.

Travelers can now order taxis for themselves either through the Gett app or from the conventional Hadar taxi stand providing service on the spot. Under the new tender, all taxi drivers can collect travelers from Ben Gurion Airport going anywhere in Israel, which currently cannot be done […]

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