July 27, 2017

Is grocery delivery service worth it?

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Most people spend 53 hours a year at the grocery store, but a growing number are turning to delivery service.

Is it worth the cost of convenience?

The biggest name currently delivering in Southwest Florida is Shipt. They’ve modeled their service to be like Amazon Prime.

Jennifer Hayes, who has a full-time job and is a mother of three, has zero desire to go to the grocery store, so she uses Shipt.

"It really just comes down to time. I’m too busy to go to the grocery store."Shipt charges $99 for a yearly subscription. That includes unlimited deliveries of orders of $35 or more, right to your door."It says, ‘Hey, Jennifer, this is Sally, your Shipt shopper. I’m ready to shop for you now.’"The shopper even communicates with you while they’re at the store.Right now in Southwest Florida, Shipt will only go to Publix, Costco, and ABC Liquors.In addition to the annual subscription fee, there’s an upcharge for your groceries.Hayes paid $104.33.NBC2 took her grocery list to Publix and paid $90.98, so Hayes paid about $13 more than if she had gone to the store herself.The upcharge pays the shoppers, like Sally Sayh. She’s a jazz singer by night."I just […]

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