June 24, 2017

Insecurity, Repetition And Biting Wind: My Life As A Deliveroo Cyclist

Deliveroo biker cycling fast on rainy day to deliver on time the food to the client
Copyright: adrianhancu / 123RF Stock Photo

I am an English graduate and musician, but my real passion is delivering food on my bicycle. At least, that’s what I’ve started telling people at parties to avoid being asked “how’s the music going, then?” It is a remarkably effective ploy – people react very positively to hearing about a job they find both refreshingly modern and unthreateningly basic, listening attentively with a wry condescending smile. Photo: Môsieur J. in Wikicommons The truth, though, is that I’ looking for that smile, and I’m smiling too, because there’s something about working for Deliveroo that feels ironic. My friends and I (when I’m in a good mood) believe that I work for Deliveroo as a sort of joke. And there are lots of others like me. Students, young people between jobs, the self-employed, freelancers, the ‘creatives’. I see them on my shifts. People singing as they cycle, calling friends, reading football news for an hour when orders are scarce, grouping together in flocks comparing screens and chatting about which roads are good, which hours are good. We’re not treating our shifts like a real job, we’re playing them like a game. There’s no sense of loyalty or respect for the […]

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