June 25, 2017

Indonesia: Grab launches next phase of $700m master plan; introduces GrabHitch

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By Grab (Grab official website) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Antonia Timmerman Grab Indonesia has launched the second phase of its $700 million ‘Grab 4 Indonesia’ master plan, the company announced. Yesterday, the Singapore-based app introduced its first four-wheels social carpooling service – GrabHitch (Nebeng) Car – in the country.

Nebeng is the Indonesian slang for hitching. The service is designed for regular commuters with extra space in their cars to pick up fellow hitch buddy who share similar route or destination. This will reduce operational driving costs for daily work commutes and inter-city trips, the firm claims, as it will be a “new and cool way to meet new friends”, as commuters can have a companion as they travel to and from work.

“Commuting has significant psychological and social costs. It can be a major cause of stress due to the unpredictability and a sense of loss of control,” Mediko Azwar, marketing director Grab Indonesia, voicing out the frustration of a few million Jakartan commuters every day.

“So we at Grab think of how we can make things better for the commuters. As the sharing economy becomes mainstream, Grab believes that there is a growing niche of commuters, for whom transport is not just a transaction, but an opportunity to build […]

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