July 22, 2017

If You Love Food And Travel, You Need This New App – The Airbnb Of Local Dining

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St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails at The Dead Rabbit

Whether you go to France, Italy, Great Britain or more than 100 other countries, this new app lets you dine like a local by dining with locals. Shutterstock If you had French friends in Paris, Turkish friends in Istanbul, or Italian friends in Florence, and they had you over for lunch or dinner during your travels, it would be the kind of authentic, insider, cool experience travelers are eagerly seeking these days.

Well, as Irish poet William Butler Yeats famously put it, “There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet.” In this case, technology is making Yeats’ statement truer than ever, in the form of an app called VizEat (a culinary play on “visit” if you didn’t get it).

It’s a good thing the app is available for Apple phones – the company’s CEO, TIM Cook, used it to have lunch with a local family during a recent trip to Paris.

I just attended the Virtuoso Symposium, a meeting of the luxury travel industry that looks at data, emerging trends and new offerings. I’ve written here before about why any serious traveler, especially one with a decent budget, should absolutely use […]

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