June 23, 2017

How Uber drives a fine line on security and privacy

Uber’s chief information security officer, John “Four” Flynn IV, advocates for security considerations at all levels of product development at Uber. Share with:

Scandal-plagued Uber on Friday announced new privacy-controlling tools that give users, among other things, a simple way to remove their account information and trip details from Uber’s servers.

An Uber representative told The Parallax that these changes have been in the works for at least seven months and denied that they are connected to #deleteuber . The movement, which was initially triggered by ride price surges surrounding massive protests against President Trump’s executive order banning refugees and immigrants from several countries, reportedly led to about 200,000 account deletions and a flood of customer support calls.

Through the new privacy settings menu, accessible under Settings in the user profile, Uber users can also adjust push notifications, including those for trip status alerts and ads, and manage location settings, including when the company or friends can view their locations. “If somebody was going to someplace sensitive or private—if it got out, it could be anywhere from embarrassing to impacting on somebody’s safety.”—Mark Loveless, senior security researcher, Duo Security Ride-sharing competitor Lyft, which alongside Uber last year received high marks from the […]

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