June 25, 2017

How to Capture Airbnb’s Brand Experience Success

AirBNB Experiences - Barcelona Trips — Dani, The Fishing Master
Image Courtesy of AirBNB

Airbnb has expanded its business with ‘Experiences’—that’s experience with a capital “E.” The brand has put a stake in the ground when it comes to providing customized excursions. With Experiences customers can book activities with local guides or multi-day trips with professional companies—all verified by Airbnb. The addition of the Experiences offering gives Airbnb a major leg-up when working to influence a customer’s choice in booking companies. Making a pill hat is just one of numerous Airbnb Experiences. The success of Experiences has seen Airbnb focus on three principles essential for creating a successful brand experience—all of which help build brand trust. These three principles can be leveraged by any company to elevate the quality of its own brand experiences.

1. Rather Than Facilitating Experiences, Help Create Them
Airbnb has carved out a recognizable brand in the world of short-term vacation rentals but, like many of its competitors, its offerings were completely dependent on hosts and their properties. By expanding into Experiences the brand can achieve greater impact on a customer’s trip. No longer entirely at the mercy of hosts, Airbnb can now be the driver in its own brand growth and perception.

Moreover, by curating these outings, Airbnb […]

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