June 28, 2017

How TaskRabbit’s Kevin and Leah Busque stay married to the game, and each other

Leah Busque at LeWeb13
By OFFICIAL LEWEB PHOTOS (https://www.flickr.com/photos/leweb3/8959814595/) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Before there was Uber or Airbnb, TaskRabbit helped birth the so-called “gig economy.”

You’ve probably heard of the startup – an online service lets you pay a contractor to perform any odd number of jobs, including running an errand, cleaning an apartment, or putting together an Ikea bookshelf.

What you might not know is that Kevin Busque co-founded TaskRabbit with his wife, Leah—who he is quick to admit was the brains behind the operation all along.

In an unusual twist on the typical Silicon Valley story, Kevin and Leah were high school sweethearts who married right after college. They worked at the same company more than once, bootstrapped a business together, and eventually moved across the country to realize the Silicon Valley dream.

Leah served as CEO of TaskRabbit for years, and is now its executive chairman. Kevin recently launched a new venture, Guideline, a 401(k) platform.

That unique background as entrepreneur, CEO spouse, and CEO gives Kevin a fresh perspective on how to make big ideas a reality. He shared that with the Fortt Knox podcast. Here are some highlights:Growing up in a military family, Kevin Busque felt the pressure of money being tight. He knew early on if he wanted anything extra, […]

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