July 27, 2017

How Saucey Charms with Promotional Push

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Lots of brands use push notifications to promote sales—but Saucey’s mastered the form

If you’ve got a smartphone (and don’t make a point of always opting out of push ), the odds are good that a significant number of the notifications you receive from brands run something like this: Hey! Buy things and get 25% off! Seriously, buy right now! Please? Pretty Please? Okay, fine, 26% off—are you happy? These kinds of promotional push notifications are a tried-and-true way to convince disengaged customers to return to your app and to nudge active customers to make an in-app purchase . But while the basic approach is solid, so many brands use this approach so often that customers can find themselves starting to tune out this kind of outreach, reducing their effectiveness and making for a less-than-ideal brand experience.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right approach, promotional push can be eye-catching, appealing—even charming. To see what that looks like, let’s check in with on-demand alcohol delivery brand Saucey, which has made this kind of outreach into an art: 4 keys to great promotional push notifications

What a great promotional push looks like 1. Get the timing down

Too many […]

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