June 24, 2017

How Drivers Are Finally Outfoxing Uber

Uber Greenlight Hub. Uber Drivers can get in-person support at a Greenlight Hub II
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When Ibraheem Ibraheem signed up to drive for Uber in 2014, it was as a side gig while he earned a computer science degree at New York City’s Brooklyn College. He never thought of himself as the kind of guy who, 18 months in, would be sitting across the room from Uber management, angrily telling them they were in “a race to the bottom to see who’s going to bleed out financially first.”

It was June 2016, and six months earlier, the 33-year-old’s relatively easy side hustle had turned into something significantly more demanding when Uber cut fares in New York City by 15 percent. Frustrated drivers had protested outside of Uber’s offices and called for a strike on Super Bowl Sunday — but nothing had changed.

Then Ibraheem heard about a group claiming to have a solution to the brewing unrest. A coalition of drivers, helmed by the Machinists Union, was offering to help drivers assert some rights — appeal deactivation on the app, for instance, or access group health insurance and low-cost legal services. The Independent Drivers Guild, as it was called, […]

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