July 23, 2017

How does Airbnb’s deal with SF work?

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Sara Eisenberg, deputy city attorney; Kevin Guy, director of the San Francisco Office of Short-Term Rentals; Peter Kwan, co-chairman of the Home Sharers Democratic Club of San Francisco; and Mattie Zazueta, a spokeswoman for Airbnb, answered some questions about the new agreement.

Q: How does universal registration help the city preserve housing?

A: San Francisco wants to ensure that short-term-rental hosts meet requirements such as being permanent residents, capping whole-unit rentals at 90 days a year, and not renting out affordable-housing units. By knowing all hosts’ identities through a registration system, the city can avoid violations such as landlords turning multiple apartments into tourist hotels.

Q: How will hosts register?

A: Hosts must first obtain a business registration license from the treasurer’s office, which can be done online . Then they will have a choice of where to register: In person at the Office of Short-Term Rentals (as per the existing system), in-person at outreach events held by that office, online via a forthcoming city application system, or through Airbnb or HomeAway. Other home-rental companies may also offer online registration. Registering via the company or city websites involves filling out an application online and electronically submitting photo […]

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