July 25, 2017

How close are we to calling an Uber in the sky?

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Science fiction set the stage, and now modern technology is close to creating a future in which a fleet of flying cars transports people through the sky just as Toyota Priuses and Honda Civics carry passengers on the roads today.

Last month, ride-sharing company Uber held its inaugural "Elevate Summit" in Dallas, announcing its plan to have an "urban aviation ecosystem" demonstration by 2020, in partnership with the cities of Dallas and Dubai. Plenty of hype surrounds this project and others, which are being marketed not only as the flying taxis of the future that would reduce commuting time but also as recreational vehicles, such as the Kitty Hawk Flyer, from Google co-founder Larry Page .

However, the three-year time frame presented by Uber is "ambitious," said David Oord, senior director of regulatory affairs at Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, an advocacy organization for aviation.

"They have the right people in the room, the right minds, the right funding and partnerships, but it will be a group effort of monumental scale," Oord told the Washington Examiner . He added: "Is it achievable? Yes." There is little doubt that this form of air transport will happen one day, but the notion of seamless […]

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