July 27, 2017

How Airbnb Responds When Guests Have Nightmare Experiences

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CREDIT: Getty Images On Monday, journalist Nathaniel Friedman unleashed a tweetstorm about his girlfriend’s bad experience as an Airbnb guest. She and two other friends needed a place to stay at the last minute, and all the local hotels were booked, in Friedman’s retelling. Since they were desperate, they looked past the bad reviews and rented "what was supposed to be a secure trailer" for $270 per night. Upon arriving, they discovered that the amenities were even worse than they expected.

"House was meth-y as f*** with garbage and graffiti everywhere," Friedman wrote. The lock was broken, so the guests resorted to using a wrench to secure the door. There was no running water. To add insult to injury, "At 8AM, host woke them up by pounding on the door. He demanded they write a positive review NOW."

Once she got home, Friedman’s girlfriend tried to get a refund. "She was told by @Airbnb that the host’s strict cancellation policy prohibited one," Friedman tweeted. When she pressed the issue, Airbnb offered to refund half of the cost, then rescinded that offer. On Tuesday, the day after Friedman’s initial tweetstorm, he added, "Yesterday @Airbnb indicated via Twitter that they’d be […]

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