June 25, 2017

How a college junior made over $10,000 this year with a new side-hustle app

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When Alli, a University of California-Davis student who prefers to be known only by her first name, first got to school, she assumed she would eventually get a retail job like the one she had previously held at a Hollister. Instead, a fellow student alerted her to the existence of a delivery app called JoyRun through which she could earn money delivering food to other people on campus.

A year later, Alli had made over $10,000.

To earn that money, she set her own schedule, working three or four hours a day, four or five days a week, without having to answer to a boss and often in the company of her boyfriend, who can accompany her on trips. And she’s thrilled.

“I love it,” she tells CNBC. “I always feel like I have money and I always feel like I can take care of my responsibilities.”

Her income goes towards immediate needs, such as textbooks, supplies and car insurance, as well as towards the future in the form of savings. She’s even able to pay down her student loans. “It’s really great,” she says. “I’m able to pay for everything and I have extra money to, like, go on little trips with […]

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