June 24, 2017

HomeAway Fights For Its Rights | Austin Founder Running For Congress

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While Uber tends to get the most headlines for their regulatory battles with city halls and state governments, HomeAway isn’t far behind.

Last year, the Austin-based vacation rental company fought (and lost) Austin City Hall over stricter laws aimed at cracking down on short-term renters who disturb nearby homeowners. Now, the company is battling in Chicago , where it has filed a federal lawsuit saying the law the city passed last year is flawed and violates the Constitution.

Essentially, HomeAway says Chicago’s 58-pages of short-term rental regulations are too complex for any reasonable person to understand and abide by. And the additional taxes and big fines for violations add to the pain points for HomeAway.

And, to make matters worse, HomeAway believes the new laws benefit its biggest competitor, Airbnb. HomeAway says the law defines HomeAway as an advertising platform and Airbnb as a middle-man for renters and owners. That, HomeAway says, will let Airbnb have a head start.

This is what disruption looks like. We throw that term around a lot in the tech world — and it usually implies a slightly rebellious approach to innovation that shakes up the status quo and ushers in some […]

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