July 23, 2017

HIT Think Why the healthcare cloud lacks comprehensive capabilities

There are claims that the healthcare cloud has arrived. Just about any healthcare outlet you can think of has dedicated significant time and effort to explaining what this cloud looks like and that using it is financially beneficial.

However, after you study the contentions and assess where cloud computing is within healthcare, a clearer picture emerges.

Yes, some aspects of healthcare are increasingly relying on the cloud. However, the idea that this is a singular, comprehensive “healthcare cloud” that is here already is not true. What there are, based on all of the claims, is that core components of a healthcare cloud exist, but more needs to be done to realize healthcare’s full cloud potential. It appears that what healthcare opinion leaders mean when they discuss the healthcare cloud are four types of so-called healthcare clouds that currently exist, none of which are the comprehensive cloud envisioned.

Cloud One: Monoliths—Amazon vs Alibaba
The first group touting the healthcare cloud is the big, monolithic companies that are basically EHR companies selling their services as the comprehensive cloud. Although they have built all the requisite components into their software programs from scheduling to medical records to patient portals, at their core they […]

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