July 23, 2017

Hate going to IKEA? On-demand movers Dolly promote a run to the store to save you the trouble

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A few things might sound worse than making a run to IKEA, but how many of them cause you to take out your frustration on a new piece of furniture that you have to assemble yourself?

Seattle-based Dolly, the on-demand moving company that connects people with trucks to people with the need for a truck, is offering to take the hassle out of Swedish furniture shopping. The company announced this week that it will be making a run to the IKEA store in Renton, Wash., on Thursday.

Unlike making your way to and through IKEA, you gotta be quick. Figure out what you need from IKEA and register at Dolly before noon today. Dolly will charge a flat delivery fee of $49 (in addition to the cost of the items you purchase.)

Sure, you love the meatballs. But avoiding I-5, 405, 167 and the parking situation sounds more appetizing right now.

“We’re excited to do this for Seattleites who are short on time and see a trip to IKEA as inconvenient,” an email to GeekWire about the promotion read.

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