July 20, 2017

Habal-habal rides soon on Uber and Grab?

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By Grab (Grab official website) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

PEOPLE in Cebu City may soon be able to hail motorcycles-for-hire or habal-habal drivers through their cellular phones.

Both Grab and Uber have already started presenting their proposals to Cebu City officials and habal-habal drivers’ organizations in the city in order to implement the new transport scheme.

“It has been the advocacy of Mayor (Tomas Osmeña) to support and promote the habal-habal drivers. We’ve been working on that for the past six months. We are trying to level up the operation of habal-habal drivers by bringing in an application on motorcycle operations,” said Arnel Tancinco, the mayor’s executive assistant assigned to look into the habal-habal industry in the city.

Yesterday morning, Tancinco met with representatives of the habal-habal group “Cebu City Riders” in City Hall to initially talk about the proposals.

He said that starting next week, they will schedule two days per week in order to talk with different habal-habal organizations all over the city until July.

Tancinco said they will introduce the new platforms offered by Grab and Uber wherein the drivers will have to own a smartphone as this will be the means for them to be booked by a customer.On the other hand, the interested passengers will have to also […]

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