July 27, 2017

Grubhub CMO Barbara Martin Coppola: we will continue to advertise on TV, but also push to innovate on social

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Marketing Grubhub , the online and mobile takeout food-ordering marketplace, will continue to advertise using traditional T.V., as well as continue to innovate on social media, according to CMO Barbara Martin Coppola .

“Both Grubhub and Seamless have been doing T.V. for years and we’ll continue doing T.V.,” Coppola told Found Remote at the Collision conference in New Orleans. “We have been experimenting a lot with T.V. not only on the media side. Layering national with local and actually understanding how the combination works best.”

But the brand hasn’t stopped using traditional advertisements to reach the public — 90% of whom still call restaurants to order delivery, according to Coppola. In January, they created the “Food’s here” campaign with agency Duncan Channon . In the campaign, they follow real people ordering food together, as they witness what it’s like to share Grubhub with friends.

“We went completely unscripted,” she said. “It was awesome to see how they order and the topics of conversation and just grabbing a little bit of real life.”

For Mother’s Day, the brand created “Mom Always Delivers.” Following the Malnati family of pizza empire, Lou Malnati’s, which will open its 50 th location this year, the viewer sees the […]

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