July 22, 2017

Google and Indian e-taxi giant Ola unveil Progressive Web App

Ola customer app
Image Courtesy of Ola

Ola , the Uber of India, has announced a partnership with Google to launch a so-called Progressive Web App (PWA) designed to open its platform to millions of users who don’t yet have the latest and greatest smartphones.

PWAs are essentially mobile websites that offer features and functions similar to that of native mobile apps, for example they may offer push notifications and are “installable” for easy access via a device’s homescreen. They offer many benefits over traditional native apps, such as being lightweight and requiring less data to operate. This is key in emerging markets where widespread access to affordable mobile internet and access to powerful smartphones is limited. Above: Ola: PWA Booking Flow Founded in 2010, Ola is an e-taxi giant in its native India, with more than $1.5 billion in funding from big name backers including SoftBank and Sequoia. After losing out to Didi in China, Uber has been pushing its presence in India, with the duo gearing up to battle for the lucrative ride-hailing market in a country with a population of more than one billion people.

Ola has at least one distinct advantage over the heavily-funded Uber, insofar as Ola is a homegrown company that is […]

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