July 23, 2017

GM Launches New Program to Capitalize on Growth in Freelance Economy

Freelance workers comprise an ever-growing portion of the overall job market, and General Motors wants to rent them cars that they can make money by driving.

The company launched a new program last week called Gig. It allows freelance drivers to rent all-electric Chevrolet Bolt vehicles at $229 per week and use the cars for a range of ride-hailing and delivery services. Operated within the company’s Maven car-sharing brand, the Gig program aims to provide more flexibility to freelance drivers who currently rent or lease vehicles from companies including Uber and Lyft.

It’s common knowledge that many drivers work for both services, but that can get complicated for those who rent or lease rather than use their own cars. Drivers who want to use Lyft’s Express Drive or Uber’s Vehicle Solutions programs often need to log a minimum number of weekly rides or hours spent in drive mode to qualify for those rental programs, and time spent working for a competing service doesn’t count.

By offering rentals at $229 per week‚—a rate that includes maintenance, insurance, and free electric charging at EVgo stations—Maven aims to make life easier for freelancers who’d like to take on driving jobs that complement rather than compete […]

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