July 20, 2017

For Airbnb hosts in KC, the rules for renting are likely to get stricter

Kansas City Skyline
By Eric Rogers from Kansas City, MO, USA (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Kansas City will introduce a proposed ordinance Monday that wades deep into the sharing economy — specifically to regulate Airbnb and other short-term property rentals.

City staff members have spent two years researching ways to legalize what’s now actually illegal in the city. After looking into other cities’ rules and holding community meetings, they’re proposing permit fees and time limits to govern how such “hosts” rent out their properties.

The proposal is for two levels of regulation, one for owner-occupied properties and one for non-owner-occupied properties.

Basically, hosts who fall in the owner-occupied category would need a $100 first-year permit, limit the length of stay per contracted guest to 30 days, and contract with only one party at a time.

Hosts who don’t occupy the rental property would need a first-year permit of $259 or $596, depending on whether neighbors agree to the rental use, and meet additional requirements.

Just as the city wrestled with Uber and Lyft regulations, regulators realized that rules on the books hadn’t kept up with current realities in which single-family homes, apartment units, spare bedrooms and even living room couches are posted online for short-term guests. Hundreds of properties currently are posted for short-term rent in the Kansas City […]

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