July 22, 2017

Food startup Maple shuts down operations in New York to join Deliveroo

Detail of Deliveroo bike and cargo box parked in city with cafe terrace restaurant in the bakground to deliver on time the food to the client
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Welp, Maple shut down before I ever even got a chance to try it. Maple, the prepared food delivery startup that had raised over $25 million , tried to differentiate itself from other startups by owning the whole process of the food cycle from sourcing the food, to preparing it and then delivering it. As the headline suggests, it didn’t work out Maple. That’s why Maple is ceasing operations in New York, the only city in which it operated, and teaming up with UK-based food delivery company Deliveroo.

“Given the overlap in our goals and the significant scale of Deliveroo’s operations, working together makes sense,” Maple co-founders Caleb Merkl and Akshay Navle wrote on the company blog. “As a result, some members of the Maple team will join Deliveroo operations in London, and our technology will be used to help accelerate growth and efficiency across the platform.”

Here’s the full letter from the founders : Dearest Maplers, We’re writing to let you know that as of today Maple will be ceasing operations in New York. We’re sorry to bring you this news, and want to take some time to explain why we have come to this decision. We set out two […]

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