July 23, 2017

Fasten Urges Fellow Ride-Hailing Companies to Oppose the Uber Bill

A rider in a Fasten car
Image Courtesy of Fasten

Fasten, one of the most successful ride-hailing startups to enter the Austin market after Uber and Lyft left last year, is calling on fellow ride-hailing companies to oppose a statewide bill that would likely lead to the return of dominant competitors Uber and Lyft.

The Boston-based startup said HB100 , which has already been approved by the House, puts the public at risk by eliminating the fingerprint-based background checks Austin City Council members approved in December 2015 and Austin voters reinforced in a vote in May 2016.

“Fingerprinting has been in place in Austin for the past year and has successfully protected the citizens of Austin from numerous drivers with criminal backgrounds,” the company said in a statement distributed Tuesday.

Fasten says it also opposes HB100 because it defines the sex of a driver as being male or female.

“The amendment, which has no relevance or utility to the ride-hailing industry, opens [the] door for discrimination against individuals in the LGBTQ community — a situation that we find unacceptable here at Fasten,” the company wrote.

Representatives for Uber and Lyft continue to support the bill, but they have both requested the amendment defining sex as male or female be removed from the […]

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