July 27, 2017

Estrella Jalisco Joins Forces with Lyft and Singer and Reality TV Star Chiquis Rivera to Promote Safe Celebration on Cinco de Mayo

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1 This safe ride partnership aims to make it easy for people to be part of the 160 million American adults who regularly make a plan to get home safely. 2

"We know that many beer lovers like to celebrate on Cinco de Mayo and through our partnership with Lyft we’re able to help them celebrate the holiday responsibly," said Yonathan Bendesky, Brand Director for Anheuser-Busch, Mexican Imports. "Our message is very simple: Be responsible and get home safely by using Lyft – Estrella Jalisco has your back." Chiquis Rivera joins Cerveza Estrella Jalisco to kick-off a Cinco de Mayo partnership with Lyft. Chiquis Rivera joins Cerveza Estrella Jalisco for pre Cinco de Mayo celebration Chiquis Rivera joins Cerveza Estrella Jalisco for pre Cinco de Mayo celebration To help take the Cinco de Mayo celebration to the next level, Estrella Jalisco has also partnered with reality TV star and Regional Mexican artist Chiquis Rivera, who will be lending her voice to remind consumers about enjoying Cinco de Mayo safely. Estrella Jalisco has a long history with the Rivera family: last year they partnered with the brand to create a hologram performance of Chiquis’ late mother Jenni Rivera at the […]

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